introduction to the universe and philosophy.

Updated: Aug 16

Hello internet buddies welcome to my fist blog within I will try to entertain you with subjects including philosophy, aliens ,tech, gaming ,architecture ,comedy, photography, and the workings and quirks of the universe.

When thinking about space and the universe a few theory’s come to mind. For example space being flat or curved which is a bit strange as I think, as space being made up of everything there is, would it extend in all directions infinitely, Furthermore any object in space is only somewhere in comparison to other objects. I would also say that if any occupied space on a spherical objects is itself the centre of the object in question.

Does that mean a object in space is the centre of the nothing or matter that there is in total.

That got me thinking about sleep which gave me an interesting thought that could, a dreams story or length actually be longer than the time we are asleep?

Why do we need sleep! will we ever really find out ,is sleep just a short interval of nothing, similar to death.

My main theory of the universe as a whole is that the universe has started and stopped infinite times with gravity being the force when everything expands to a certain location then contracts to a infinitely small point then starts over again, which would explain da ja views as we have run our lives infinite times before but each time it feels like new.

Although when we die I think our bodies data cannot be destroyed fully by the universe only to be distributed smaller and ready for it to be formed back into us which probably takes the entire time for the universe to die and reform again, which is what black holes do.

Next I remember about architecture which is mostly build in boxed square spaces which saves money but goes against the human brain which needs more detail and colour to work optimally and happily. Hopefully in the future we can build houses that mimic nature and let more light in with see through roofs. Which brings me to 3d printers which will design houses with reduced costs and labour. Why has it takes us this long to realise our brains need more that a box to function optimally!

Virtual reality is also a major interest which in the future may even surpass the beauty of real life and give us more than what is possible today with advanced graphics and social interaction.

Next we should talk about aliens and the chances we are to find them!

Maybe all aliens are humans and are at about the same development in technology and culturally, which means we should meet in the middle of space between us and them.

Another theory is that we are the only civilised planet because every variation of story, lives and nature has already been used up on earth which means that the universe doesn’t have any uses for any more evolved planets

Or another species has advanced way ahead of us and don’t want to intervene so that our history wouldn’t be influenced by an outside force greater than us.

Another thing I wanted to talk about is money and how in the near future ,robot would take over all the mundane jobs and we would have more time for things less mundane and exiting.

I think we should have a universal income for everyone weather or not you work or get rid of money entirely and limit the number of product to a certain amount to make sure everyone has the same opportunity.

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